Account Reactivated at The Huffington Post

As of this morning, June 28, 2010, I have discovered that my account at The Huffington Post (“The Post”) has been reactivated and I am commenting again under the same user name, “abolitionists today”. I sent an email to The Post on Saturday morning inquiring about the ban, but have not yet received a reply as of 1:00 pm EDT today, so I do not know whether the ban was temporary, overturned by another moderator, or a resolved technical error in The Post’s software. [1]

Regardless of the reasons or circumstances that caused my account to be “removed” on Saturday, I am pleased that The Post is apparently not intentionally blocking rational discussion as I thought was a possibility on Saturday.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to retract part of a statement I made in Saturday’s blog post referring to “average readers” at The Post as deeply prejudiced (and by “average readers”, I meant and mean “typical readers”, not “mediocre readers”). What I failed to do in making that statement was distinguish “average readers” from average anti-vegan commentators. I usually find, by experience, that those who comment on public forums against veganism and the abolition of the property status of animals hold deep prejudices against nonhuman animals and profound misunderstandings of the arguments set forth by vegans and abolitionists. However, the remarks, prejudices, and misunderstandings of the vast majority of opposing commentators do not necessarily represent the thoughts and views of typical readers, who may well have a far better understanding of the arguments set forth by vegans and abolitionists. I sincerely apologize to readers at The Post for that error.



[1] For anyone who is interested in the details of Saturday’s ban and this morning’s reactivation, my discovery of it went as follows. When I tried to log in Saturday morning to reply to a comment, I received a message that the user name and/or password were “incorrect” repeatedly after several attempts to log in. At that point, I thought it was only a system glitch (the thought of being banned had not occurred to me at that time). To attempt to resolve the issue, I clicked the icon to request that my password be sent to my email address. Upon doing that a couple of times, each time I received the message, “Sorry, this account has been removed.” I interpreted that message as a ban. Several hours later on Saturday, I tried to log in again and retrieve my password, and again I received the message, “Sorry, this account has been removed.”

This morning, I received an email from a pro-vegan commentator that it appeared to her that my account was now active. I tried logging on and was immediately successful in doing so.

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