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On Vegan Celebrities

I’m tired of seeing good, honest vegans embrace the incessant parade of celebrities who claim to be “vegan” only to be sadly surprised and disappointed when the celebrities reveal (as they almost always eventually do) that either they’re not vegan anymore, or never were vegan.

Celebrities — the fickle charlatans of the entertainment industry — usually make a living putting on a false persona, pretending to be someone they are not. Why look up to these flakes? Why expect them to have a moral backbone or any moral consistency whatsoever? Next time you hear about a celebrity “vegan,” don’t believe the hype. Know this person, just like a national politician, is very likely playing another fake role — a con artist to the core. Like a large, amoral corporation in a free market society, celebrities generally reflect only the values of the majority of the millions of their consumer fans.

Don’t be fooled again.

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