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What’s Extreme? Well, How Much Is Ten Billion?

The animal exploitation industry’s front groups often call vegans who want to abolish animal exploitation “extremists”. But let’s take a glance at the so-called ‘extremism’ of abolitionist vegans in contrast to the real and violent extremism of industry and a ‘civilized’ society that permits such violent extremism. In the United States alone, ten billion innocent nonhumans are tortured and intentionally killed for trivial food preferences, and that does not include sentient marine life or sentient life from fresh water.

To give you an idea of the magnitude of that number, consider that one million seconds takes about 11 days and 13 hours to pass. Ten billion seconds takes 317 years to pass. [1] If we slaughtered a single innocent being every one second, it would take 317 years to finish slaughtering the number of innocent beings we slaughter in one year. That’s extreme.

Veganism is pro-social, moderate, and peaceful. Intentional, unnecessary killing is wrong. Go vegan.


[1] The calculation is straightforward. Take 10 billion seconds and divide by 60 seconds per minute to get the minutes. Divide the minutes by 60 minutes per hour to get the hours. Divide the hours by 24 hours per day to get the days. Divide the days by 365 days per year to get the years.

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